Kenwood: TS-2000 Manual

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Download or view Kenwood: TS-2000 Manual - Thank you for selecting this kenwood ts-2000 transceiver. it has also been developed by a team of engineers determined out to continue the tradition of excellence and innovation in kenwood transceivers. 

This transceiver features dual digital signal processing ( dsp ) units out to method if and af signals. if you take maximum advantage of dsp technology, the ts-2000( x )/ ts-b2000 delivers enhanced interference reduction capabilities and improves the quality of audio that you may transmit while not installing further analog filters. you may notice the differences once you fight qrm and qrn. as you learn how to utilise this transceiver, you may additionally find that kenwood is pursuing “user friendliness”. for example, every time you replace the menu no. in menu mode, you may see scrolling messages on the show that let you know what you're selecting. 

Though user friendly, this transceiver is technically refined and a few features might be new for your requirements. think about this manual to remain a private tutorial from the designers. enable the manual out to guide you through the learning method currently, then work as a reference in the coming years.

Kenwood: TS-2000 Manual

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